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Rev. Bill Crews action in Thailand

I first became involved in Thailand at the time of the tsunami. Through that I became involved with ChildLine Thailand.  ChildLine Thailand was looking to augment their telephone help service with a centre where needy kids could gather. Initially I sent a team of people over to establish a school for needy kids. This eventually evolved into The Hub, a place of refuge, support, education and comfort to the homeless kids of Bangkok. The Hub is situated right next to Bangkok Railway Station and daily helps hundreds of Bangkok street kids. I regularly visit The Hub and spend time with the street kids there. It often reminds me of my time in Sydney forty years ago with the street kids of Kings Cross. Nothing I have seen in Thailand I have not seen before on the streets of Sydney. The work in The Hub is painful, particularly when a young person I am close to dies from AIDS. Of course, in this day and age no young person needs to die of AIDS. All they need to do is regularly take their retro-virals. But of course filled with the hope of youth as soon as they feel alright they feel they don’t need to take it anymore. It is also hard to keep the pregnant young girls on retro-virals so their children aren’t born with HIV. Through my work with ChildLine Thailand, particularly at The Hub, I come across situations that regularly end up in the news, such as child trafficking, prostitution, surrogacy and the exploitation of poor people generally by, often, westerners with money in their pockets. All...

Rev. Crews speaks out on new surrogacy scandal

Recent news stories from Thailand have highlighted the dangers for children in surrogacy. This is particularly so where little or no legal framework exists to control surrogacy. The Bill Crews Charitable Trust has been working on the issue with Childline Thailand for many years and has uncovered examples of children whose surrogate parents have previous convictions for child abuse in the West. Speaking on the ABC’s 730 program Rev. Crews said: “Exploitation of the poorest of the poor like this is wrong. Let’s put some legislation around it to make sure that it’s minimised and at least regulated so that, you know, people who need a child can find a child, providing the situation is right, and – but the rights of that child and the rights of the surrogate mother and the rights of everybody are protected and it’s all done in the full glare of public awareness so that there’s nothing hidden and no dark deeds can go on.” Watch the report...