Christmas Day Global Lunch

Sharing the spirit of Christmas with the most needy

Over 6,000 people on 5 continents shared Christmas lunch with us last year.

At lunch time on Christmas Day in as many countries as possible all around the world a free lunch is held for the poor, needy and lonely. This lunch celebrates the oneness of all human kind.

In today’s globalised world Christmas Day is recognised as a special day. Many countries that are not traditionally Christian even observe it. Shop windows often reflect the Christmas season and Christmas advertising abounds.

Our aim is to build on this. Our Christmas Day lunches are designed to highlight the plight of the poor and needy around the world and exhort those who are better off to contribute for a better world.

“We are all one another’s brothers and sisters and our Christmas Day lunches around the world highlight that”, said Rev. Bill Crews.

Our Global Christmas Day lunches had their origins in a plate of sandwiches shared in 1986 with two needy people on Christmas Day in the Sydney suburb of Ashfield. Last year we served free Christmas Day lunches to over 6,000 needy people around the world, from Ashfield to Melbourne, Ghana to Zimbabwe, and Thailand to Nepal. This year we expect Christmas lunches to be held in the US and England too.