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Give a child a better future

Give a child a better future

You might not realise it, but your support is giving impoverished children one of the greatest gifts of all – the ability to read and imagine a better tomorrow.

It’s already happened to over 3,000 kids who’ve completed my Bill Crews Charitable Trust MultiLit Literacy program. Just last week 11-year old Susan proudly turned to me and said: “I can go to university if I keep this up!”. She can and a future way beyond her wildest expectations awaits.

The kids are in poverty

It all starts with 6 months intensive reading tuition in one of our centres. Because the kids all come from such poor backgrounds we don’t charge any fees. That’s why your ongoing support is crucial.

A group of three young Aboriginal brothers recently completed our program. The poverty they suffered is hard to describe, but spite everything they had a drive to succeed.

One by one they learned to read and the eldest boy won the Northern Territory Chief Minister’s Award for the greatest improvement in literacy. I had tears in my eyes when I was told of it.

Their potential needs unlocking

If you give, our successes can be limitless. I have lost count of the number of mothers who’ve thanked me for the change in their son or daughter. I love helping these kids and their potential needs our support to be unlocked.

When that happens the results are remarkable. One of our students went on to get a post-graduate degree in medicine. Many others are at university. Former students from our Gladstone centre have grown up to get great trade jobs and just the other day a new staff member in our Sydney centre told me she had completed our literacy program as a child. It changed her life and now the gift of literacy has turned full circle!

Together we can do it

The world changes for every child who learns to read my Bill Crews Charitable Trust MultiLit Literacy program. That’s why I’m asking you to give generously. The gift you give today will help a needy child learn to read. That has to be the greatest gift of all.

God bless
Rev. Bill Crews

P.S. If you donate before 30 June your gift is deductible against this years tax.

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