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Let me share something wonderful

Let me share something wonderful

I wanted to share something wonderful with you. It almost moved me to tears and it shows how, when we work together, we can give a child a brand new start.

Over many years my Bill Crews Charitable Trust has run the MultiLit Literacy Tutorial program in Darwin. It gives lots of Aboriginal kids the literacy skills they need to succeed. At the end of each program we celebrate with a graduation, and what recently happened was extra special.

It made heaven sing!

One young Aboriginal boy stepped up to read a note of thanks. He’d struggled through the program more than most. Nevertheless he slowly began to read. One word at a time. Expressing his gratitude.

To all of us in the audience – his classmates and the parents – it seemed to take forever. But he pushed through and finished with a satisfied smile.

Then the magic happened. The audience burst into rapturous applause. The young boy beamed and I’m sure all heaven sung in that moment!

Designing even better programs

Over the decades the literacy programs I’ve been involved in have taught over 1,000 Aboriginal kids reading and writing skills that have changed their lives.
Right now me and my team at the Bill Crews Charitable Trust are exploring the latest educational and support methods, involving earlier intervention as well as more intensive family care. We want to design even better programs. I hope you can find it in your heart to support me in this.

I remember one young student telling me that education was her ticket out of poverty. She is now completing a Doctorate in International Relations. This Easter your donation to my Bill Crews Charitable Trust can put Aboriginal children on the road to a better future too. So please give generously today.


  1. Thank you Bethany, love you too! 3

  2. Those therapy dogs that kids can read to are an excellent idea too.


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