Child Aid Programs in Asia

Working to change the lives of the poorest children in Asia.

Delivering long-term education and life skills to the most vulnerable children in Asia.

Poipet – Cambodia

Poipet is a town situated on the Thai-Cambodia border. It is a centre for trafficked and homeless children. The Bill Crews Charitable Trust was invited there in late 2012. Our workers were haunted by the sight of small children begging on the street, many of whom were vulnerable to sexual predators and/or child trafficking. Oftentimes parents of trafficked children are told their youngsters will be sponsored for education in Bangkok, however these children often end up on Thai fishing vessels where they work for nothing more than a bowl of rice each day. The Bill Crews Charitable Trust has partnered with local organisations to share in the work of rescuing, rehabilitating, nurturing and educating the children of Poipet.

The Hub – Hong Kong

The Hub in Hong Kong is situated in the poor Sham Shui Po district of Kowloon. It caters to the children of deserted mothers and disadvantaged families in the area. Often these children and families there are so poor that they have never ventured outside the district. They are isolated from health, education and welfare services.

“Hong Kong is a city of great wealth, therefore many people are surprised to learn that there are areas of extreme poverty. The Sham Shui Po area is one of these. Many families live in a room smaller than the average sized bathroom”, said Rev. Crews.

The Bill Crews Charitable Trust has partnered with Against Child Abuse – Hong Kong to provide health education and welfare assistance. Our aim is to help children in poverty attain well balanced physical and psychosocial development, to enhance their social responsibilities and to promote awareness of their plight to the general public and the business leaders in Hong Kong.

The Hub – Bangkok

The Bill Crews Charitable Trust partners with Childline Thailand to facilitate the vital work done at The Hub in Bangkok, a centre for the city’s homeless youth.

The Hub is located in the Pomprab district near the railway station, a place frequented by hundreds of homeless children every day. These children are aged between 5 and 18-years and are vulnerable to exploitation and sexual abuse. They struggle with the danger and isolation of sleeping rough, hunger and lack of education.

Since January 2011 The Hub has provided a much needed place of safety and support for these homeless children. The Hub offers welfare services such as daily meals, health checks and clean clothing. It also provides long-term educational and life-skills that the homeless children would otherwise miss out on.

Currently about 100 children are cared for at The Hub. Many of these children have no official identity, which places them outside the reach of traditional medical and welfare services. “Through our work at The Hub we hope to give these kids a future they would otherwise never have had”, said Rev. Crews.