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I have found the telling of stories to be a powerful way of bringing people together and motivating them to make change, either in themselves personally or for other individuals or communities.

The telling of stories, I have found to be a profoundly spiritual act.  They link us to our common humanity and lift us outside ourselves into a realm of new possibilities.  

In this age of economic rationalism, care for the lost and abandoned has diminished and I hope these stories, in a small way, redress the balance.

I would love your feedback about this website as it is you the viewers who will make it all happen and keep it alive. 

God Bless



  1. Thank you for sharing the films of personal stories of the people living on the edge. I love how you have such a great attitude towards the people who, for whatever reason, have dropped from the norm, giving them a feed and basic human kindnesses, like a shave. The first episode really touched my heart and made me realize that the edge can come to any of us. Circumstances can change & life would be unbearably cruel if it weren’t for wonderful people like Bill Crews & his many volunteer helpers. These films are inspiring. Gives back faith in human nature. Really great work. <3

    • Kim, Thank you very much. We will have a new set of films up first thing next month. We’re looking for sponsors. God Bless, BILL

  2. I’m new on Facebook and not sure whether this will get to you Bill Crews but i want to say anyway that your new TV website is absolutely wonderful. I’ve watched the videos several times and get a new insight every time. Thank you thank you.

    • Sue. Thank you very much. We’re trying to give a voice to the voiceless. God Bless, BILL

      • You’ve certainly done that mate. Ive just caught up with Bill Crews TV. It’s got people talking. and the great thing about how the stories are told is they do give voice to the voiceless. No interruptions from silly journos asking silly questions. Can’t wait for the next lot of stories.

        • William, Thank you. I hope people are talking. You got it, Giving a voice to the voiceless. God Bless, Bill

  3. Me too, that story about the single mum broke my heart. She is a brave gal. Theres many of us out their struggling just like her. Live on 35 dollars a day? Ha!

    • Jade, Thank you for your comment. So many are suffering today. We are trying to give people a voice. God Bless, Bill

  4. These videos echo difficulties clients have who attend Food Halls (branches of Food Bank) in Orange Bathurst Canowindra Cowra and Young.
    With early intervention in younger years, & recognition of Mental Health/depression/drugs etc. these rising numbers could be halted. As well, circumstances swamp good people. so Exodus and like organisations are vital. These videos ‘tell it how it is’! Keep up the good work, all of you.

    • Petrilla, Thank you for your comments. What we are doing is trying to give a voice to people who have NO voice at all. God Bless you, BILL

      • Good on ya Petrila. Regional Aus needs to speak out. The video stories are great and exactly whats going on in the city is going on in bush towns. Some are doin it real tough. A great site. Great stories. well done Rev Bill.

        • Just heard of this website. Fab stuff. Tough but beautiful stories. Inspiring to. Why isn’t it on TV? Better than how to cook a cake or catch a trout. Bring on the next ep.

          • Beccy
            I agree with you. I would love to see it on television. In fact, we took it to the TV channels and got nowhere. That’s why we decided to put it up as a webinar. Why don’t you hassle the television channels and see what happens. As I said we are looking for sponsors as we only have enough money for the next six months and we have literally hours of material that I’m sure people would like to see. God Bless BILL

        • Mike, thanks for your response. We will be heading out that way to do a story on it. Keep looking at the website for the next installment. God Bless, BILL

  5. The Christmas Tale episode really restored my faith in humans. Did you notice how many volunteers were wearing the green t-shirts, handing out foor to the needy? It’s so wonderful that this great volunteer work is being done so selflessly, even on Christmas day! It’s really admirable to see. Beautiful. You are all great people. I hope others are also getting inspired by these episodes of Living on the Edge.

    • Dear Kim
      Thank you for your lovely email. There are many people today who simply want to do good. I hope this website does them justice. What we are trying to do is give a voice to the silenced needy and shine a spot light on the wonderful people who help. God Bless, BILL

  6. ie. Stories from the Edge

    • Kim, Bless you. God Bless, BILL

  7. This site is simply fabulous. And the stories! Crying one moment laughing the next. The work you and Exodus do Bill Crews is nothing less than saintly. How about that John Singleton. Not a saint but what a lovable rogue.

    • Andrea, God Bless you and thanks for your lovely email. Yes, I love John Singleton with all my heart. He has a big heart too. Without his help this website wouldn’t be there but now we have to find more sponsors. That’s our job at this moment. God Bless, BILL

      • These are important stories. This is an important website. Confronting. Uplifting. Like the story on Jacob helping out others worse off than him. Great stuff! It must stay alive. It’s like a specialised Tv channel on the web. Why not more brand sponsors? Advertisers. Wests and Blackmores are already in. Good on ’em. Great PR.

        • Alex. Thank you for your insights and compliments. We have sponsors for 6 months, so we have to find more. We have much more material “in the can”. The next episode goes up on March 1. We need sponsors. BILL

  8. These videos give a vivid picture of the complex problems which ‘sink’ people into this unfortunate state.

    Revealing their stories might shock, but educate many people, who think they will ‘never’ experience these problems.

    • Charles. All these stories say “There but for the grace of God go I”. God Bless, Bill

      • I’m with Charles. Some of the stories might be harsh but they’re bloody real. How about that kid in Hyde Park. Living on the streets from 14? How would we go? By the grace of God that’s for sure.

        • Stuart, It’s my firm belief that governments know we are heading back to the age of Dickens and yet refuse to do anything about it. The world is increasingly ruled by International Corporations who, through their accountants and ‘managers’ feel free to move money around at will. They are amoral and so things just get worse. politicians are afraid of them and so there’s minimal regulation and the ordinary people suffer. God Bless you BILL

  9. My mother who is 91 enjoys listening to you on 2GB and has done so for many years (so many thanks for your programme). Would you tell me the name of the Australian author interviewed on Sunday 22nd Feb, because we have tried to come up with it but are stumped. Thanks for your help,
    Sue Lancaster

    • Sue, I think you are talking about Hugh Mackay. He’s a really great Australian. Been studying us for years. Please pass on my best wishes to your mum. God Bless, BILL

  10. Thats right and with the government cutting down on welfare and disability pensions theres not many more places for some of us to go by the grace of god.

    • Jade. Yep. More people in need than ever and we sit on our hands. God Bless, BILL

  11. Stories from the edge. Are very moving to a certain way of needs of others. It takes me away from my own life. And helped me to personally understand that their are always a lot of people worse off then yourself. So I take ‘Life on a Core Issue of being Kind in helping others along the way. If only Government got it right Mr Bill Crews. Thanks.

  12. I’ve just watched the second episode. What a scorcher! How about that Joe bloke. Mental illness. Homeless. Jail. Why can’t our pollies speak with the same passion!

    • Mike. Thanks heaps. We have a lot more like that to put up. We want to give a face to the voiceless. God Bless you, mate. BILL

  13. Great stories. Love them. I am referring to friends. More please. These are the grass roots stories which are important to society and society needs to stand up and take notice. Especially those who think they are doing it tough when really in comparison they truly are not that bad off. This is top shelf viewing.

    • Patrick. We will be putting up a new episode every first of the month. So the next episode will go up on the first of April. Please keep referring them to your friends. Also we NEED sponsors. If you know of anyone or any company who would like to sponsor them, please let me know. God Bless, BILL

  14. These new stories are even better than the first episode Bill Crews. The domestic violence one is really important message. Luv the way you provide links to ways to get help. Make me realise i’m not alone. Thank you.

    • Sue. Yes, I think these are even stronger than those in the first episode. The whole purpose of these stories is to raise awareness. God Bless, BILL

  15. Great stories. Love them. More please. These are the grass roots stories which are important to society and society needs to stand up and take notice. Especially those who think they are doing it tough when really in comparison they truly are not that bad off. This is top shelf viewing.

    • Patrick. I’m glad you like them There will be a new episode going up on April 1. I think this is a VERY important project and I hope we can find some more sponsors. God Bless, BILL

  16. Good work Mr Crews. The first show was great but this one even better. Love the 7 dollar story. And domestic violence? We’ve all had our share of it and we’ve all had enough. This website’s crating a rumble. Lotsa friends watching.

    • Beccy. I really hope these stories are “creating a rumble” because that’s what they’re meant to do. Tell your friends we’re looking for sponsors. God Bless, BILL

  17. Episode 2 is great. Well done guys. I find these insights to be so interesting. These stories always reduce me to tears, especially the little crippled Cambodian boy who had been chained up his entire life. So sad but touching. I hope that these stories can change the way most people view the homeless & the troubled people and that more can be done for them in the future.

    • Kim. Thank you for your email. Whenever I go to Cambodia I come back with a severe case of PTSD. And to think we are going to send refugees there!!!!!????? I think this episode is particularly strong but we have even more stronger stories “in the can”. Our aim is to give a voice to the voiceless. God Bless you BILL

  18. Sad to hear of Ross Turnbull passing away. He certainly did create an impact in his life. Your story on him is a really nice tribute to a colourful man. He’d be proud that he left such a good message.

    • Bill, Thank you so much for your response. Yes he was a real character. Ross worked with me on our free inner city food van. It was really ironic because I was showing that interview to some business people at the very time he died. May he rest in peace and may our God of loving compassion Bless him. BILL

  19. Yes God bless Ross indeed. He was brave to tell his story. Funny too. It will help others know their not alone.

    • Alex. Thank you. Yes, I agree with you. Ross’s story will help others. God Bless, BILL

  20. Ran into Mossy last night, we live in the same building, and he told me about your TV channel. I met you at the Wayside Chapel in 1968/69 and have known since then that you are doing good works. The TV is a great step! Last night I suggested the idea of “Edge creep” to Warwick and he likes it; the “Edge” is coming closer to us all. You’re doing a great job Bill, if you think I can help, please contact me. I research, write and edit.

    • Gerry. Thanks for your response. Yes. Let’s have a coffee and go from there. I’ll contact you. God Bless, BILL

  21. Rev Bill!
    With Domestic Violence a focus, how timely was your story on the collection of at risk women. As well, the story of a child in Cambodia with a disability chained for 10 years is sickening!!. Amazing to see Ross Turnbull’s story. From ‘Money’ to ‘Mess’ but never cowered and still able to give and receive compassion. Give us more stories!!

    • Bella. Thank you for your reply. Yes. Every time I go to Cambodia I return with a huge dose of PTSD. Warwick and I are trying our best to give a voice and face to those who have no power at all and so suffer all the abuse imaginable. God Bless, BILL

  22. Important story telling. A brave man Ross Turnbull to be so honest. Proves a full life is well worth living.

    • Peter. Yes, a life lived to the full, eh? and one lived on the edge, too. God Bless BILL

  23. What i really like about the website Bill Crews is going back and watching storys from last time……and no silly tv mop head host asking silly questions……the storys just tell thmselves. Luv it!!!

    • Jade, Thank you very much. It was a deliberate decision to format it this way. People are then free to tell their own stories in their own way. God Bless, BILL

    • I agree, this is my go to interviewing technique which I learned from a very wise mentor. You don’t know where your blind spots are when your whole interview is geared around specific questions. This style allows stories to reveal themselves and find truths in places you never thought to look in.

      • Naretha. Yes. Blind spots. We all have them, eh? I gotta say, I REALLY love doing this series. I hope and pray we do justice to all who end up in it. God Bless, BILL

  24. I just caught up with this site. Tough truths sometimes but really good watching. Important issues. Why isn’t this compulsory viewing on all Government social services websites!!! And schools!!! Good work Bill Crews.

    • Rachael. Thank you heaps. I’m glad you can see how truthful these stories are. Sometimes it is really painful filming them. God Bless you BILL

  25. Sorry Rev I normally would listen to your 2GB radio show last night but I went to this website instead and got hooked. Wow!
    What great watching. Spent hours on it! Had trouble navigating to some of the the old stories but they were great too. I agree with Rachael, the education sector needs to support this so kids can see the real world and realise how lucky they are. Powerful stuff!!!

    • Jake. Thank you for you email. I am really trying to get the schools involved in this website as I think it has a lot to offer them. As with everything progress with them is slow. So, if any teachers look t this site, please let your school know what we are doing. God Bless, BILL

  26. I am loving these stories Bill. We are all so close to that ‘edge’ in some way but mostly believe ourselves infallible and safely pottering along in our lives. It only takes a blink to change our comfortable lives into something we could never have foreseen. Thank you Bill for providing such a strong platform for these people to tell their stories.

    • Dinah. thank you for your response. YES, we are all (or many of us) so close to the edge it isn’t funny. One pay cheque away from financial disaster or one rental payment away from homelessness. That’s the reality of life today. You got it in one!

  27. Great site. That story on domestic violence caught my eye. No one ever mentions the stat that 40% of AVOs are taken out on women. Maybe the agro occurs because they shouldn’t be together. Maybe people should learn how to not be so terrified of being alone. It can be a nice, very fulfilling place.

    • Simon. Thank you for your note. One of the great problems today is that Lawyers are handling relationship breakdowns. The legal profession is combative in itself and can often lead to even more violence than before. A relationship breakdown is a tragedy that needs to be handled with gentleness and sensitivity and we human beings are not good at that. We need to take the violence out of relationship breakdowns not add to it. God Bless BILL

  28. I am almost 70 Bill Crews. I’ve seen a lot. I love this website. I love the stories. I love truth. I love the way you put people ahead of God.

    • Rose. Thank you for your lovely words. God is Love you know. Not judgement and condemnation. I hope we exemplify that. God Bless, BILL

  29. “Stories from the Edge” has facilitated, held and honoured some remarkable stories. Homelessness does not discriminate. Be compassionate, get real and get serious. The lucky country? What is important to acknowledge is that there are many Australians, from all backgrounds, living in absolutely despicable conditions – in a ‘First World Nation’. Right here, right now. Across the board. Universal humanitarianism is the only way forward. As a wise man once said, “we were all someones beautiful baby at some point in our life.” Remember this. In Unity & Love Xxx

    • Naretha. Thank you so much for your response. You tell it like it is and I am proud to be a part of ‘Living on the Edge’. I know that Warwick, who produces it would echo my sentiments, too. God Bless, BILL

  30. As an Indigenous woman, these stories are all too familiar and this series highlights the struggles of all those who are displaced in the current system. Those who are ignorant of the realities some people face can be quick to judge and lack an understanding of how people actually end up “on the edge”. This compassionate insight really is essential viewing and should activate some healthy discussion on the topic.

    • Naretha. God Bless you and thank you. Remember, God is Love and Compassion NOT judgement and condemnation. BILL

    • I agree sis. The edge is not too far away for a lot of us mob. How about this latest lot of storys. Good to see Ray Miniecon up there. How about that gal in Woolomooloo. Sad but brave.

      • Jade. Yes, she is brave. Very Brave, indeed. God Bless, BILL

  31. I’ve waited a while to make comment Reverend but this month’s stories really deserve. That Anzac Day song is simply beautiful. Made me cry with pride. And that fella in his hideaway in the middle of the city. Do possessions really make us happy? Maybe not.I’m going back to look at the old episodes with a different perspective now. Great stuff!!

    • Mike. Thank you for your comments. NO, possessions in themselves do not make us happy. We only need enough to survive. Please pass this site on to others. We need to find more sponsors. God Bless, BILL

  32. Thanks Bill, the stories from the edge have really touched my heart (such good soul food). It’s hard to believe that in our modern world, which reveres the human intellect and worships technological ‘advancements’ like their some kind of savior, that our humanity could still be so retarded in wisdom and compassion.

    It makes me wonder if it’s because compassion and nurturing are considered feminine qualities that they are undervalued?

    I recently discovered the full Lord’s Prayer according to the Essene Gospel of Peace. I wonder what our world would be like if prays to our mother and father were part of our spiritual education.

    (A missing part of the Lords pray, from the Essene Gospel of Peace)

    “Our Mother which art upon earth,
    hallowed be thy name.
    Thy kingdom come,
    and thy will be done in us,
    as it is in thee.
    As thou sendest every day thy angels,
    send them to us also.
    Forgive us our sins,
    as we atone all our sins against thee.
    And lead us not into sickness,
    but deliver us from all evil,
    for thine is the earth,
    the body,
    and the health.

    • Anita. Thank you for your contribution. What a beautiful prayer!!As you say, these stories are good soul food. God Bless, BILL

  33. Mr Crews that story on the girl fighting heroin is brutal but important television. Also I think I have passed the fellow living in the bushes there. Potts Point. He was always very kind and polite. A wonderfully enlightening series. Thank you.

    • Britt. Thank you for your response. We work very hard on this site. We need to find more sponsors to keep them going. If you know of anyone you think could help us, please send this site to them. God Bless, BILL

  34. It just keeps getting better. The story on the different religions helping out at Easter is so uplifting and full of hope – especially at a time of the horrors in Kenya. Our prayers to them all.

    • Sue. Thank you. It was very moving at Exodus today (Easter Sunday) a little Jewish boy and girl gave out the Easter Eggs. “Happy Easter” They said to everyone. There is hope, you know, if you look for it. God Bless, BILL

  35. I experience an amazing journey of emotions watching this site. I lost a son to heroin and your stories were confronting but healing. Keep up the great work. Exodus too!!! Loved the multifaith Easter story. Full of hope.

    • Bob. Ohhh Bob. I’m so sorry. I know how hard it is. Thank you for sharing. God Bless you, mate. I hope those stories are ultimately healing and I hope you find some healing, too. I’ll keep you in my prayers. God Bless you, mate. BILL

  36. Yes that’s horrible Bob. Feel for you. Sad to say that out in the bush we see it all the time. Ice now though. And boredom. We’ve got a whole generation of good kids wasting away. This website should be compulsory viewing in schools to let them know the real dangers of the real world.

    • Mike. Thank you for your compassionate response.I am seeing the schools in the
      next week or so to (hopefully) get them involved.God Bless, BILL

  37. I can’t help but wonder what happened to that girl in Wooloomooloo. Do the methadone clinics really worK? Would they have saved Bob’s son? This is a seriously important website Bill Crews. Good on you. And I agree with Sue on the multi faith Easter story. Really uplifting in these shaky times.Love the archives idea! Can’t wait for next months stories.

    • Pauline. We sare hoping to get another interview with her so’s she can tell you how she’s going. Life is really tough for young people like that. God Bless you BILL

  38. What a fab job Exodus does feeding all those people. And how good was that young Jewish volunteer kid. Gives you the warm and fuzzies about the next gen. Great stuff.

    • Beccy. Thank you for your response. All we need to find are some more sponsors to keep this website going. God Bless, BILL

  39. I’ve been pondering this site and its blogs for some time. Yes the archives are excellent. Echoing in my brain is that bankruptcy story and the lady in this lot saying ‘the edge’ can be really close to any of us. Reason I write is I had dinner with an old mate last night. Upper north shore. Multi millionaire. Then one big bad deal. Now he has nothing overnight. A totally shattered man. A proud mad wrecked. Tragic. Yes, we upper middle class are not trained for the edge. Indeed, it’s a very broad place. God Bless.

    • David,
      You are so right! I’ve come across so many people like your friend. Often, I’ve noticed, they pick themselves up and start all over again. I hope and pray your friend can do that. Most of us are one disaster away from catastrophe and don’t (in the good times) contemplate on that.You never know what is going to happen tomorrow so make every day count. God Bless you mate, BILL

  40. Thank you Bill. Yes, perhaps some are just prepared for sudden downfalls better than others. A loss is a loss isn’t it. It’s all relative. That fellow Lawrence seemed to have it all sorted by reducing possessions therefore loss of, to the bare minimum. And then of course there’s Anzac Day and all it represents. That Amazing Grace Anzac version sheds a beautiful light on loss.

    • David. Thank you for your response. We take a lot of time on this project and hope it affects people so that they can get a glimpse of what life is like for “the other”. If we all did that a bit more, the world would be a far better place. God Bless, BILL

  41. Yes the Amazing Anzac song is lovely. Just about all we need. My father fought in WW2 and he would be the first to agree that the whole Anzac Day thing has become a media circus. Your decision to keep it to a gentle minimum was a wise relief. Love the stories love the site!!!

    • Rose. Thank you for that. God Bless, BILL

  42. Good news! I spotted Laurence in Kings Cross the other day. He looked fine and healthy. He even nodded hello. A good man who proves that possessions aren’t everything.

    • Britt. Hooray!!! We were hopeful he was still around. God Bless, BILL

  43. I wasn’t sure whether you’d do it. A had a sneak peak and there it is. As you said. Episode 4. I wanted to get in early. Well done Bill. Not a fly by night thing. That ‘Reach out and touch’ song is wonderful. Should be an anthem. Should really help the wonderful cause that is Exodus. Off to watch the episode now. Keep up the good work.

    • Andrea, Thank you very much. No, it’s NOT a fly by night thing. We have to find new sponsors now. Know anybody? God Bless, BILL

  44. Good to see you made it down to Melbourne Bill and dear old Father Bob Macguire. What a hoot. You two scoundrels together. I hope we see more of it. That Murray story is beaut. What a great fellow. I really like the way your producer films the stories. Raw and seriously edgy. As if we’re actually there ourselves. Good stuff……again!!!

    • William, Thank you for your comments. Yes, Fr. Bob and I are great mates. We are working together. We’re a bit worried about Murray. He has a terminal illness and is quite sick at the moment. God Bless, BILL

  45. Well, well, well. I got onto your website via an article on your producer Warwick Moss in the Mosman Daily (no pun intended). I’ve been a followers of Warwick’s work since he wrote a great play about Cats or something back in the 80s. Then the Tv series the Extraordinary about ghosts and things. He is a great story teller and I’m glad he’s teamed up with you and the great work Exodus does. Going through your archive videos – some of the stories are confronting – but importantly amazing. Very good!!!

    • Prue, Good on yer. I’ll pass your good will on to Warwick. He’s my mate! An amazing man!!! God Bless, BILL

  46. Yes Moss is a good story teller. His play by the way was Down An Alley Filled With Cats. A mystery thriller. You can see his stamp on these stories the way they tell themselves. My favourite in this batch is ‘Who’s Correct’. What a character Ray Minniecon is. And you’re not a bad host either Mr Crews. Overall, a great package.

    • Stuart. Thank you Very much. I gotta say it’s an absolute joy and real hoot to work with Warwick. God Bless, BILL

  47. Hi Bill. I just enjoyed Episode 4…another wonderful collection of realities to stand as reminders of our strengths and our fragilities. Keep it up. You and your team are doing a sensational job.

    • Dinah. We have a “team” of TWO (2), Warwick, who does all the work and me, who does all the “poncing”. We often joke about how cheaply we produce this and struggle for funding. If anyone knows a potential sponsor, please contact me. God Bless, BILL

  48. That Murray fellow. ‘Anyone can be homeless’. How true.’Reach Out and Touch’. Wonderful. But re the first story I have a problem with bipolar and ADHD or whatever it is. Not the condition. I’m sure it’s real for those who have it. But the endless research $$$ and names we have for what used to just be depression and being hyperactive. And as Murray says people are being mugged for their prescription drugs. Now days more people are addicted to prescription drugs than illegal drugs. Most of them government funded. So who’s the biggest dealer in town?!

    • Jake, I’m sure most people need someone to “reach out and touch” them. A touch, hug, kiss is far more therapeutic to most of us than anything that money can buy. Drugs are just stop gap at best. God Bless BILL

  49. Why didn’t SBS just give the million dollars it cost for ‘Struggle Street’ to the people actually struggling on the street. What a waste of tax payer money!!! All negative – with no solutions. I thought their charter was to unite, not divide the community. They should be hauled over the coals! They should look at what you’re doing with the stories on this website Bill Crews. A mixture of hard facts, hope and inspiration. On the smell of an oily rag too I’ll be. Why doesn’t SBS just put your show on air? Not enough waste of tax payers money????

    • Mike. Thanks for that. I WISH SBS would take us up!!!I don’t even know if they’re interested in us as we don’t cost a million dollars a show and we have a team of only Warwick and me. We’re always looking for sponsors as we exist on the smell of an oily rag. Please let SBS know of your feelings and our plight. God Bless Bill

      • I watched the second lot of Struggle Street – for a while. I agree with Mike. What a wasted opportunity. So many issues just left to float unresolved. That short conversation with you and father Bob in Melbourne covered more of the real issues. Keep up the good work. Please!!!

        • Jacqy. Thank you for your comments. I’m contacting SBS to see if they will show our episodes. We’ve got them on the Aurora Channel on Foxtel from June…So, here’s hoping. By the way we need sponsors now. God Bless, BILL

  50. Being mothers day and a mum whos has lost custody of my boy i watched the bipolar angel story again. It brings me to tears shes so brave and still gives a lot to other kids. People should remember on mothers day that for some of us its a very sad time. Love to the world. Jade.

    • Jade, Today being Mothers Day, every mother eating in our Loaves and Fishes Free Restaurant was given a Mothers Day gift whether she was looking after her child or not; whether she had custody of her children or not. I know from sad experience, that for many women, Mothers Day IS a very sad time. God Bless, BILL

  51. I haven’t been back to the site for a while. Luv it!! Like a good book and a cozy read on a winter’s day. Quite a Blog chat you’ve got going on Bill Crews. Wonderful mix of people. I feel like I know them. Then a stroll through the archives. Building up nicely aren’t they. But for the first time I noticed the beautiful quotes you’ve got on the story pages. And the advice links. Really really nice. Thank you.

    • Rachael. Thank you sooo much for your comments and for coming back. That’s exactly what we want people to do. God Bless, BILL

  52. Wooloomooloo. The Bipolar lady.It’s hard to imagine how much wealth looks down on so much struggle. Makes you wonder if anything’s changed in 200 years down there. Looking forward to the next lot of stories. Like the song.

    • Pauline, Thank you. A new episode goes up TONIGHT. God Bless, BILL

  53. There go I but for the grace of God. The winter appeal song is very good. As are the other stories – as usual. Everyone please make your Exodus donation. It’s cold out there. Believe me I know.

    • BOB, Bless you. God Bless, BILL

  54. How uplifting is Col Joye!!! I was such a fan. Takes me back to happy times. I’ve been really enjoying your site Bill Crews. A real eye opener to reality in a world where we can think all is rosy in our own street when just around the corner it’s not. Keep up the great work. Exodus too!!!

    • Trisha, God Bless and thank you. We have heaps of material and now need more sponsors. BILL

  55. I sooo look forward to your new stories each month Bill. Always a surprise. The homeless cats!! Ha!! Col Joye. What a lovely man. And the great advice from that fellow to kids about NOT living on the streets. The schools should see this they really should.

    • Rose, I’m REALLY glad that you like them. Warwick and I are really trying to show life as it is for lots of people. God Bless, BILL

    • I agree Rose!! I got hooked on this site with the bipolar mum story with my namesake Jacqy. Makes you wonder how many of us are a bit this or that and don’t even know. Now there’s Col Joy, the cats. And what is that song??? The variety is absolutely marvelous.Is it next month yet?

      • Jacqy, There is a new episode up every month. We are looking for sponsors as I feel it is a very important site. That’s the hard job, getting sponsors!!!! God Bless, BILL

        • What a great website!!! I’ve been away and missed some but caught up on your archives. Do you realise what you got here Rev?? Gold. Pure Gold. Really important. Well done.

          • Bill Jay. thank you. Do you know that we’re now on the Aurora Channel on Foxtel? I just WUISH we could find sponsors. It’s a real struggle financially. God Bless, BILL

      • I agree too!!! I been part of this blogging since you first put up the website up Bill. Can’t wait for each month to see what surprises you got for us. You could answer your blogs a bit quicker though. Fave story this month? Col Joy 1. Kevin 2. Wow! What a life!

        • Rebecca, Thank you for being sooo loyal. I know I’m a bit slow answering and am really trying to be quicker. For you I will try even harder as this site is very important to me. We’re working on next month’s episode now. God Bless, BILL

  56. Sorry I can’t help you on the sponsor side Bill. Got my own problems. Why doesn’t the Government or Church help fund this site!! It’s doing a lot of their work for them, better than they do, for a lot less I’m sure. Simple awareness of issues is half the battle. You’ve got to keep it going somehow!! Blessings.

  57. Hello brother it’s Jason from Brisbane bro it was great to here from you brother

  58. At last your blog’s back Bill. What happened? It’s been weeks! I missed reading the comments. Anyway. It’s back. Good. Love this lot. That Father Bob’s a hoot! And the ADHD single mum. What a voice!! Back to watching more stories now. Just wanted to let you know we missed the blogs.

    • Sue, I’m sorry for all that. We are trying to co-ordinate everything and it gets difficult at times. I’m sooo glad you missed us. Makes us feel not quite loved. God Bless BILL

  59. At last the Blog is back. I’ve been meaning to write and then it went off!! THat little story So Rich so Poor. I cried and cried. Is this our city? Our country? Thank God for Exodus and the other Angel charities who help.

    • Cerena, Thank you heaps for writing. We’re trying to co=ordinate everything and it gets a bit messy at times. we’ve got so much good material and getting more and more. We’ll be doing this for quite a while. So….Keep in contact. God Bless, BILL

  60. Good old Father Bob. I had a bar in St Kilda in the 70s. He and his flock did a great job. Heroin was playing havoc. And booze. What about that Lisbeth. Powerful story. I like the detail you go into on the story pages. Nice quotes. Good advice. Really nice stuff.

    • Billy. Thank you mate for your lovely comments. God Bless, Bill

  61. Good to see the Exodus food van out in the great wild wild west of Liverpool way. We need you its getting like the overcrowded Sydney we left. Lots struggling.Keep up the great work and website. Ralph.

    • Ralph. Thank you for your positive response. We are also extending our Literacy Tutorial programs to Liverpool as well. When we met there people said “We’ve been waiting for you for 30 years”. Really humbling. God Bless, Bill

  62. There is something really beautiful about this website Bill. I think it’s because except for your nicely understated introductions,the stories take the viewer off into a world of their own. Like the one on the fellow from Portugal. Obviously he was battling a few demons but he still had the courage to let us into his own experiences and perspectives. Weird, lovely and moving. Thank you.

    • Tricia, Thank you for your lovely comments. You get it! The telling of stories is the way we share our common humanity and spiritual depth. God Bless you for that. Bill

  63. Nice voice the single mum. But hardest job in the world with one kid??? Try 3 kids sis. Now thats hard work. Blessings anyway.

    • Jade. My heart goes out to you.Three kids is REALLY tough, I know. God Bless BILL

  64. That’s why you find so many single mums out here in the bush. Cheaper rent and a stronger sense of community that you don’t find in the city. Even if they don’t have family in the town there’s always someone willing to help. A better place to bring up kids too. Fresh air and lots to do away from computers.

    • Michael. Thank you for your comment. It’s tough for single mums everywhere, eh? God Bless, BILL

  65. Wow! This website is really good soul food. There’s not one story that doesn’t touch you inside somewhere…..for better or for worse. That gal with the drinking prob is so strong, so beautiful, so brave to tell her story. What a recovery! What a hero! Thanks!

    • Britt. Yep. I’ve found most of the people I work with are really stoic. Life is sooo tough for them. God Bless, BILL

  66. I’ve seen those poor fellows sleeping outside the Supreme Court for years. What a disgrace! Right near all the Law Courts. Even more disgraceful now. They’ve moved them on. To just across the road!!! So rich so poor is so right. Keep up the good insights.

    • Bill. Yep. I’ve seen them, too. You’d think that no one cares anymore. God Bless, BILL

  67. It’s like the Sydney Olympics when they cleared all the homeless out so the tourists wouldn’t see them. All that did was move them out west. Good to see your food vans out there now Bill. In the nick of time.

    • Jake, thank you. Yes, we are serving meals in the Liverpool region now. We are in Hart Park, Warwick Farm on Sat,Sun and Monday. And in Miller on Fridays. We started at Miller last Friday with little publicity and had 60 to 70 guests on our first day. Looks like we are really needed there. God Bless, BILL

      • Yes the west really needs help. Its now a long way from when Cowpasture Road actualy had cows on it. Its a big multi culture area now and a lot of older Aussies are falling through the welfare cracks. Any help you can offer is much needed. Steve.

        • Steve, Good on you. I really hope we can be of use out there (sounds like a foreign country, eh?) God Bless, BILL

  68. At last a moment to catch up with the intimate chats which each special person gives us each month. It is as if we sit opposite them to hear their stories. Thanks for this very honest method of sharing. No ads. Nothing but words, expressions, smiles, tears. Very strong meaningful viewing.

    • Wanda, Thank you. IO believe that it’s in the telling of stories that we catch the spiritual truths that unite us. God Bless, Bill

  69. Rich and poor? Not so rich now. Global stock markets have just collapsed. Like your intro says – more will be struggling. Maybe not such a bad thing. I remember my parents talking about the great depression of the 1930s and how the best of human nature came out with neighbour helping neighbour. Maybe we have to learn how to care all over again. Cheers.

  70. Ross Fitzgerald. Thank you thank you thank you. You too Amanda Muggleton. You too Bill Crews. The eye of truth. Thank you thank you thank you.

    • Stuart. And a big Thank you to you, too. God Bless, Bill

  71. It’s so tragic to watch the refugees struggle in Europe. Sadly it’s all happened before in two world wars. When will we learn. Which is why every little bit that Exodus and yourself do for every single person is so important. Keep up the good work and this very important website.

    • Paolo. Thank you for your comments. Watch this space re Syrian Refugees as we HAVE to do something. God Bless. BILL

      • I agree with Paolo. When will we learn. The fodder for Hitler was mostly the Jews. The fodder for ISIS is mostly Christians. Like with Hitler the only way to stop the exodus is to get rid of the cause. Sorry.

        • Alex, Thank you. We have to keep people looking at these stories to see we ALL count. God Bless, BILL

  72. Life Education. I was in Kings Cross around that time (Sorry mum). American soldiers. Vietnam. Wild days and nights. The Wayside Chapel was true a haven. The pictures in your story brought back some good and bad memories. Wayside saved many young lives. God bless Rev Bill.

    • Andrea, Thank you. The Wayside Chapel was a haven for us, eh? I miss those days heaps! God Bless, BILL

  73. Wow, I just watched episode 8. Keep up the great work guys.

    “When one person falls through the cracks, we all do.” I really appreciated that comment.

    Thanks for all you do.

    • Anita. Thank you and God Bless you. We’re trying to tell life as it is. God Bless, BILL

  74. What I adore is that with all the grand media hype about world issues this website keeps it simple and focuses on home issues, which after all is the actual world we live in and just as valid. Like that comment from the father Bob guy ‘if one person falls through the crack we all do’. And the promo for next month on ‘giving back’. IE caring for all of humanity begins with one small gesture at home.

    • Agreed. And now that Mr Turnbull’s in power perhaps he could show more concern for those struggling at home. Maybe he should look at this website.

      • Simon. Everybody should care about what happens to their neighbour whether here or overseas. God Bless, BILL

    • Rebecca, Yes. Keep it simple. God Bless, BILL

  75. Every month I so look forward to your new stories and the hard task I set myself of choosing the best one. This month its really hard. They’re all great…..and extremely poignant. With all the problems always going on, the simplicity of your story telling is a wholesome, meaningful break from the manic world of twitter hashtag trending and endless hollow facebook chatter. Even the blogs on this site are thought out and meaningful. Luv it!!!! Best story this month? A tie between Amanda Muggleton and the indigenous pastor singing ‘Don’t pass me by’. Beautiful.

    • At last with Turnbull the Liberals may now have some compassion for those whose lives are on the edge. Episode 8 is great. Thank you.

      • Rose. Thank you. God Bless, BILL

    • Rachael. I’m sooo glad that you love these people. They all show us hope. God Bless, BILL

  76. Australia should be proud of its response to the refugee crisis. When the world gets messy like it is at the moment I retreat to your magic website Bill Crews. The new stories and the gold that lies within your archives are the source of real reality and true hope. Thank you.

    • Ruth. Thank you. I hope this website gives you HOPE. God Bless, BILL

  77. Heady days. Now we have Big Mal as leader of the Libs. Good luck all. To stay in touch with the real issues of this society his entire Cabinet should be forced to sit down and watch all the stories on the magnificent website. Shorten’s mob too.

    • Bob. Yep, I agree. Make ’em all watch it. God Bless, BILL

  78. Here we go again. New Leader. New Party bla bla bla. The stories on this marvelous website should be compulsory viewing for BOTH Parties so they’re in touch with the real issues of the real Australia.

    • Batters. You and Bob agree. God Bless you. BILL

  79. The Libs have now got Turnbull and Canning. All they need to do now is look at this website to see the REAL Australia that they govern. Well done all. Every month is a whole new set of incredible insights.

    • Jack. Yep. I agree. God Bless, BILL

  80. I love the way some people who have been helped, look to being a support for others! This way your assistance in whatever form it takes, is doubled. A case of ‘Paying it Forward’

    • Trish. Thank you. We all can help each other. God Bless, BILL

  81. Over 5 million Australians suffer from some form of Chronic Pain, causing depression and other disabilities. I know. I’m one of them. Thank you so much for the Amanda Muggleton story. This fine actress put a human face and an uplifting result to an issue that affects many more than just those with the Pain. Sharing her story made me and others feel far less alone. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    • Prue. Thank you soo much for taking the time to contact me. Chronic pain is soo hard to cope with. God Bless, BILL

  82. Just caught up with this site after being away for a while. What an inspiration! Archiving the old stories is a really great idea. Ugh boots are one. Tea’s on. Going to settle back and catch up with what I’ve missed. Thank you!

    • Jacqy. You are EXACTLY the person we are trying to make this series for. God Bless BILL

      • I agree. I go away then come back and love catching up with the new and old stories……and the blogs. It never stops growing, informing and surprising. Luv it!

  83. What a fab new episode!! They keep getting better!! Loved the Redfern boxing training one. Doing such good work. And the young mum beating back pain. what an inspiration. Really look forward to this each month. Thank you!

  84. The “Clanging Gong” indeed resonates. Having volunteered on the front line many times over the years one cannot but wonder who some of the feel-good volunteers are actually trying to make feel good. Themselves? Or those in need? So long as it helps I guess. Another great month of stories. Well done.

  85. Good to see you’re coming out west next month. Same issues in the bush as in the city. Great work that C3 church is doing eh? And Exodus of course. Volunteers are our true Aussie heroes.

  86. That chronic back pain story is another we can all relate to. The silent epidemic. Good that you brought it up Bill. And a good result! Uplifting. I like the thoughts of the ex homeless fellow too – respect the services that help those who need help. Like wonderful Exodus!!

  87. The I Lay Down to Die promo. What an incredible tumble. How brave of Les to tell his story. It looks great. The other stories to. Can’t wait for next month.

  88. Just saw the Salvos report. 2.5 mil Aussies under the poverty line. Not a very Lucky Country for them/us. Not if your renting. Your story with the doc and the plight of those living on social benefits is really important stuff. Keep it up.

  89. Good to see you taking on the chronic pain issue Bill. It’s huuuuuge. So many of us suffer silently. Today I heard on the news that cannabis for medical purposes IE relief of chronic pain will be legal by 2017. Great! Loved all your other stories too……especially my indig mob in Redfern. Thank you!

    • Jade
      Thanks for your input. I agree so many suffer silently. Please keep in touch.
      God Bless

  90. The more dramatic stories were great as usual but I particularly liked the little chiropractor story. Wonderful to get an insight into the great services Exodus provides. May I also say the archives are invaluable. Every now and then I go back and look at a story that relates to an issue when it arises. Very good.

    • Steve
      God Bless you and thank you so much for your loyalty.
      God Bless

  91. That Kevin’s good value. I like what he has to say in the earlier stories too. I sometimes go back and look at them. He says how it really is on the streets from first hand experience. A great example of beating the odds. Keep up these stories! Marvelous.

    • Alex
      Yes, I love Kevin too.
      God Bless

  92. What a fab story on blessing the animals Bill Crews. You are saint in many ways. And of this yet another great bunch of stories I particularly liked the little one on the hair dresser. What an incredible life she has led. And what an incredible service Exodus provides the community.

  93. Thank you Bill for all the support you give to me personally, Sydney Recovery Movement, the Homeless and the needy. Without you Bill and what you do people would die. I feel it is an honor to call you my good friend. The World would be such a better place with more people like you in it. Thank You Bill for giving a voice to those that have no voice

    • Les, God Bless you. I’m proud to know you. And call you friend. BILL

  94. Another superb set of stories. From light and uplifting to deeply disturbing. How can this wealthy society still turn a blind eye to the homeless at home whilst crying crocodile tears about the homeless abroad.

    • Britt.
      Thank you and God Bless. BILL

  95. How brave is that Les Banton to share his story with us. Goes to show how any of us could fall off the edge. But not many would have the strength to recover and give back as gracefully as he has. Great story telling!!

    • Stuart,
      Yes. Les is really brave. I really have learned a lot from him. BILL

  96. “Way out West”!!! Yes, that Food Hall in Cowra mirrors many regional towns who strive to solve the problems they can. The benefit to those who accept items from the Food Bank is a true case of ‘paying it forward’. Some return to volunteer, enjoying the positive vibes and social interaction. And now an incredible vegetable garden, also volunteer run, provides healthy vegies.

    • Wanda. Thank you. Yes, a lot of outback towns do this. BILL

  97. I always love your insightful stories….critter blessings were gorgeous. But this time the Cowra Food Hall story is one that stood out for me. As a carer engaging with people in the community I do know people walk past houses and apartment blocks having no concept of the struggles that might be going on behind doors. Keep up your wonderful story telling.

    • Dinah. Thank you so much. God Bless. BILL

  98. So Rich so Poor. Unbelievable that we’d have people sleeping right in the heart of the city. What is wrong with this society! Is it totally blind to the bleeding obvious. We’re no all rich!! Thank God that at least organisations like Exodus try to help.

    • Trisha. Thank you. God Bless, BILL

  99. That first homeless story! No make up, lights, action. No glamour. Just straight into the trenches with them. Then brought me to tears at the end. Politicians from all side should be tied down and forced to watch this tough, rough, powerful piece of work.

    • Richard. Politicians know all this. They choose not to act. God Bless, BILL

  100. I was driving through the city today in the sudden storm and couldn’t help but think about that story on the people sleeping out near the courts. How would those poor souls ever get by without the help of Exodus and others. Well done for presenting the confronting issues.

    • Alex, Yes. it hits you, doesn’t it? Some people really struggle and we let it happen. God Bless, BILL

  101. How wonderful is that blessing of the animals! The power of that city homeless story! Terrific to see you go to regional Australia where the same issues apply as in the big smoke. Thank you!

    • Ruth. I love doing an animal blessing. It makes me real. God Bless, BILL

    • Ditto, ditto, ditto Ruth. What a great website eh! A joy every month. So glad someone knows there’s an Australia beyond the Great divide.

      • Jack, God Bless you. We are trying to cover more than just the capitals. God Bless, BILL

  102. After the horrors of Paris I return to this website and home. Thank you Bill Crews. Australia’s huge heart must also look after its’ own.

  103. Mate, how was the little old dame in Cowra driving her car at 100. Loved it! Also, highlighting the situation with an increase of the underemployed/working poor was really important. All this going on while 1 in 5 of the mega corporations making money in this country pay $0 in tax.

    • Rebecca, Thank you for your comments. Yes, she is amazing, eh? The corporates should hide their heads in shame, God Bless, BILL

  104. Well I just love the little hairdresser story and where she’s come from to end up a volunteer at Exodus. From Russia through China. Goodness gracious what a rich country we live in.

    • Rose. Thank you for your comments. Often the most popular services we run at Exodus are those where people get touched. Many of our guests never have anyone who touches them so the hairdresser and chiropractor are very popular. God Bless, BILL

  105. I wonder how many communities have a similar set up to the Cowra Food Hall and whether the government are totally aware of how tough it is for people to manage, especially when making ends meet is so difficult. Doesn’t matter how well you budget unexpected expenses can cause months of scrimping and saving to recover, using a service like this would help you to get back on your feet. Well done to all services like this.

    • Anne, Thank you for your comments. Yes. Good on them! God Bless, BILL

  106. ‘There are happy people on the streets too’. That comment from Lance in the rich/poor story both breaks and lifts my heart. Magnificent harsh reality.

    • Paolo, Yes mate. We try to show life as it is. No filters. God Bless, BILL

  107. A great new lot of stories. A wonderful Xmas message Bill. As usual you bring things back to the basics. Good to see you with your old mate Singo too. We all need mates. Merry Christmas mate.

    • Simon,
      Yes. Without Singo this series would never have started. God Bless, BILL

  108. What a contrast! From the fellow talking about isolation in the bush to the other one living in that giant housing commission block. And how good is that busker. I hope I have her spunk when I’m 70. Inspiring!

    • Andrea, Thank you. Yep, so many people really have spunk and that’s what we are trying to say. God Bless. BILL

  109. The Busker is fantastic! She looks for credibility of her worth by entertaining in the truest form – the money not so important though I am sure it helps. Can imagine she would have had a career with that voice and showmanship.

    • Wanda, yep she really has it, eh? The world needs people like her terribly today. God Bless, BILL

  110. Love your Christmas message Bill……and this series. I look forward to it each month… a good read of a good book. Blessings.

    • Sue. Thank you very much. We work very hard on it. Lot’s more to come. God Bless, BILL

  111. The yarn from that bushy re isolation really rang a bell for me. Sometimes nothingness can get to you. But like him, when I went to boarding school in the city, surrounded by other kids and things to do I was never more isolated and alone. A nice story. An important website. Liked your Xmas message too. Happy Merries all.

    • Mike. Thank you for your comments. It’s true. You don’t have to be alone to feel lonely. God Bless. BILL

  112. Very nice to see that story from the country. Yes there is an Australia beyond The Great Divide. L O L. Our lives and our probs are just as valid as city folk. Thank you.

    • Ruth. Lovely to hear from you. Yes, we all need one another, eh? God less, BILL

  113. I thought I’d pop back to see what stories you’re doing over Christmas. Good to see Singo back. And a lovely Xmas message Bill. A browse through your wonderful archive of stories will be my down to earth summer reading. Best wishes.

    • Cerena. Thank you heaps. I’m soooo glad you like what we do. God Bless, BILL

  114. Very nice indeed. I like the juxtaposition of the stories. One minute we’re with that marvellous busker by the sea, them we’re out in the bush and it’s hailing, then we’re in the heart of housing commission city. Sharp contrast. Hard edges. Very nice indeed.

    • William. Thank you. We work hard on this. God Bless, BILL

  115. What a fab start to 2016!!! Superb shots in the Redfern boxing gym. And how about that gal on the Fringe in Melbourne. Wow has she got a future! Thanks for starting the year off on such a high note.

  116. Really nice stories this month. I often see that fellow washing car windows at the lights down there. I’ve had him clean my windows but never asked him what he was really about. Thanks for the insight. And John Singleton! You can see why he helped get this website going. Hard and right to the pointy edge of things. Good on him!

    • Stuart, Thank you and God Bless. Bill

  117. Nice to see you in Melbourne. The Fringe story is quite a journey. I was also really touched by the fellow driving the Exodus food van. A lovely approach to a difficult job. Well done!! And the count down at the end of the car window wash story. Funny!!

    • Jake. Thank you and God Bless, BILL

  118. A fine example of how storytelling can be great therapy. These stories help people to identify their values and the skills and knowledge they have to live these values, so that they can confront whatever problems they face. Powerful stuff!

    • Nathan. Thank you. very insightful. God Bless, BILL

  119. I agree Nathan. That story on the Fringe was really really powerful. Sis looking for her roots and sharing it with others. What courage. And Erhan working on the Exodus food van. Just beautiful. Beautiful. And the Redfern Gym. What a feast!!

  120. Having followed you right from the start I am amazed how you’ve been able to not only maintain but increase the variety and quality of stories and issues. I really love the way the stories seem to just tell themselves. Congratulations to all. Looking forward to lots more.

  121. Good to see Melbourne front and centre again. Luv it luv it luv it. Every issue under the sun. Thank you thank you thank you.

    • Billy. God Bless you mate. BILL

  122. Just back from Christmas holidays away from computers and the racket of endless hollow info trivia. And what a great quality episode to come back to. Here’s to another fabulous year of your wonderful story telling. That rags riches Buddha story looks really interesting. Can’t wait.

    • Andrea. Thank you and Welcome Back. God Bless, BILL

  123. Another fine collection of stories. Great news that you’re continuing on for another year. Quality like this takes time and patience to establish its’ importance. Well done.

    • Richard, Thank you. I feel it’s such a worth while project. God Bless, BILL

  124. What an uplifting start to hopefully what will be an uplifting year….so far so good. Great messages in all the stories. The footage in the Redfern boxing story if fab. God Bless you and this wonderful website Bill.

    • Trisha. Thank you and God Bless, BILL

  125. What a wonderful compliment to Australia Day your website is Bill Crews. The real Australia! The true Australia. The Australia we sometimes don’t like to admit to being. After all the speeches and flag waving is over, your stories and your insights will remain.

    • Steve, Thank you. We are trying so hard to tell stories that are relevant to today’s Australia. You’d think the media would be more interested but we’ll keep trying. BILL

  126. Really like those too indigenous stories. Really good stuff……particularly on Invasion Day. Thanks bro. That old fella washing the car windows is good a great rave too. Keep it up.

    • Jack. Thank you so much. On this Australia day I had to do all the “Advance Australia Fair” stuff. But it was going to the Indigenous YARBUN Festival that really restored my soul

  127. What a gentle episode this one is. The wisdom of old Herbert. The grace and courage of the fellow from Cambodia. The resilience of the folk on the wall. Beautiful. Thank you.

    • Andrea. Once again. Thank you. It’s a story that just had to be told. God Bless. BILL

  128. I so enjoyed the story of Herbert and the trains. Like him I would have been a child in the Depression but I remember my parents telling us later how the hard times bonded people together. I wonder if the same would occur today in what seems a much more greedy world. Nice work. Rose.

    • Rose. If you talk with homeless people sleeping in the park you still find that bonding happening. That’s why I love ’em. God Bless, BILL

  129. Hi there. I tried to post one earlier but I think there was a computer glitch. Hope I’m no repeating myself. Just want to say this bunch of stories are great. I went back through your archives for stories I might have missed and realised what a treasure this website is as it shows the REAL Australia of today for future gens. Really important. Well done all.

    • Batters. Thanks Mate. We feel that way, too. God Bless, BILL

  130. Your philosophy Rev Bill about your Xmas lunch that the people (or outsiders) sitting on the wall are as important as anyone else and that helping one person is just as important as helping thousands is truly lovely and itself highly important. Beautiful.

    • Stella. Thank you. I REALLY believe that. God Bless you. BILL

  131. Herbert. A magnificent story. Magnificent in its sheer simplicity.

    • Simon, Thanks Mate. I’m glad you liked it. God Bless, Bill

  132. That Cambodia story is very powerful. It makes us realise how lucky we are to not only live in this beautiful country but also have a rich multicultural society. That said, I agree we need to maintain a balanced intake. What we’re doing for those from the middle east is fair and just.

    • Pauline. Thanks for your comment. God Bless, Bill

  133. The old fellow by the railway line brought back a lot of good memories to me of a simpler, kinder Australia. Trains going by. Trying to light a cigarette. Laughing at death. Living in heaven. The down to earth people on the wall at exodus too. Terrific mate.

    • Alex. Ahh for the simple life, eh? God Bless, Bill

  134. Hear hear! Three cheers for Herbert and the blokes on the wall!!

    • Paolo. Thank you. Yeh! Three cheers for ’em. God Bless BILL

  135. Once again a lovely range of stories, treated to suit what they are saying….like the beautifully patient treatment of Panha Pal in the Cambodian story. With immigrant refugees like him our future is safe.

    • Stuart. Thank you heaps. Meeting Panha is one of the highlights of my life. God Bless, BILL

  136. Yes I agree with the others. What a terrific character old Herbert is. We need listen more to our elders and their wisdom from just living a life.

    • Sue, What an old Devil he is, eh? God Bless, BILL

  137. Yep sis the old fella is realy good eh but I like the bro on the wall to. happy with his car as a palace. Ha!

    • Jade. Thank you. Those guys on the wall are what it’s all about. Eh?

  138. I must say that with all the horrible things we now discover have been going on in institutions and churches to those under their care, it’s refreshing and uplifting to see the work Exodus does particularly on Christmas Day, mostly for people who have no connections to the church.

    • Michael. Thank you. It’s hard work Christmas Day. But so many people benefit. God Bless BILL

  139. Great stories again but I’ve got to say I’m a bit over those Kiwis coming over here and not only ripping off social services and sleeping rough in a warmer climate but like in your first story….pretending they’re homeless!!! Isn’t beating us in the rugby enough for them?

    • Jake. Awwww God Bless, BILL

  140. What a beautiful man that Exodus food van driver is. And what a wonderful service. One can only wonder how close any of us could be to that edge so many people talk about. A terrific website and stories. Still watching after over a year. Thank you.

    • Cerena. Thank YOU and God Bless, BILL

  141. Very interesting that fellow in Kiribilli. I didn’t like him much at first but some of the things he had to say have value. And yet there he is gambling away the money he’s begged. Mmmmmm. Honest enough to share his story though. points for that.

    • Jacqy. Thank you. Honest….or Foolish????? Good Bless, BILL

  142. Foolish I say. But we are wealthy and healthy enough as a nation to help anyone in need. So be it.

    • Ruth. Yes. We are wealthy enough to do more…….Wouldn’t it be nice if we did? God Bless BILL

  143. A friend referred me to this site. A lovely story about that man singing for his daughter and now I’ve got the archives to delve though. What a treasure trobe!!

    • Beryl, Thank you. We’ve been working on this for almost three years, now. We have a real archive of Australiana and I am so proud of it. God Bless, BILL

  144. The Exodus food van is a really nice story. What caring people! Thought I’d tell you I caught the show on Aurora recently. It’s really nice to catch up on some of the older stories on a different format. Good idea.

    • Trisha. Yes, often people tell me they’ve seen it on Aurora. It’s pretty popular there. God Bless, Bill

  145. That story on the bloke testing the homeless parameters has many layers. I watched it a couple of times. The other down and out bloke offering him a bed…..the NZ couple testing his motives…..then the big reveal that he’s actually got a gambling prob. I wonder if he knows or cares that a 37 year old homeless guy had his throat slit in the CBD just last night.

    • Steve, We all come in many layers and that story exposes so many. As for the guy who had his throat cut, it just goes to show how dangerous it is to be homeless. God Bless, BILL

  146. Yes that was indeed a deeply layered story. That part of Sydney is very conservative. Good to see someone giving it a shake up. Meanwhile of course the Exodus food van continues to do its good thing in the REAL Sydney.

    • Rachael. Thank you and God Bless. BILL

  147. Sorry folks. I’ve been away. Great to catch up on this months stories and a few I missed. They’re as strong and relevant as ever.

    • Stella, Thank you and God Bless, BILL

  148. That Kiwi in Kirribilli has got to be joking. Sure he brings up some important issues but don’t come over here and bludge off our kindness….like the food van guy. Now that’s kindness.

    • Alex. Yes. That story shows how complex life can be. We humans can be so contradictory, eh? God Bless, BILL

  149. Bill I don’t know whether anyone’s mentioned it but I really respect how in your busy life you still find time to answer all these Blogs personally. Equally, what with the horror of Brussels the personal touch of the Exodus dinner van reminds us of the importance of simple kindness. Keep it up!

    • Jack. Thank you. I try really hard to share with people who take the time to watch these stories as they mean a lot, not only to me but to Warwick who puts them all together. I’m just grateful you watch and take the time to comment. God Bless, BILL

  150. What a sweet story Talking to Laura is. How you get the trust of these wonderful people to tell their intimate stories amazes me. And the Archives! More great viewing over the Easter break. Thank you.

    • Andrea. Thank you. We work really hard to get peoples’ trust. Hopefully, one day, someones’ story will change the world. God Bless, BILL

  151. Thank you Bill. Yes one story can change the world. I just caught up with this month’s new show. The story on that incredible woman living in the park for all those years! That’s a fine example of making the best of things. We should all learn from that in our cushioned world.

    • Andrea. Thank you. So many people just struggle and make the best of things. God Bless, BILL

  152. Thanks to Telstra’s free data day I have been able to catch up with the last three months and enjoyed ALL the contributors! How their vulnerability shows one minute – then their strength the next!
    Each story with different and unexpected circumstances where ‘Rooster one minute!!…..Feather Duster the next!!’ pushes home that most of us are only a twist of fate away from struggling.
    Looking forward now to May! Roll on Exodus, and thanks for this expose of ‘hurt’ and ‘heroism’

    • Wanda. God Bless you and thank you. BILL

  153. Go Wanda! Couldn’t have said it better myself. The archives are indeed a treasure chest for those of us in the bush with low data levels. That gambling story is really important. I know. I’ve been there. A horrible habit.

    • William. thank you. True. We run GA here at Exodus and all the stories we hear. It’s a terrible addiction. God Bless, BILL

  154. I’ve seen Carol many times over the years sleeping around Glebe and often thought ‘why doesn’t someone do a story on this incredibly brave woman’. Trust you lot. You’ve done it. Congrats!

    • Rebecca. Thank you for caring. Any other suggestions? God Bless, BILL

  155. Another terrific range of stories thank you particularly the gambling one. Perhaps a Royal Commission into the finance and banking sector would find that they are all just gamblers at heart. With our money! Keep up the good work.

    • Mate, That’s probably why Bankers call depositors punters. God Bless, BILL

  156. I’ve been OS for a while. Nice to settle back and catch up on some of your wonderful work thanks for the archives. Great idea! This month’s story of the lady in the park really is quite amazing. In this country? In these times? How can it happen?

    • Britt. Welcome back. Mate, it happens all the time. God Bless, BILL

  157. Good on you for taking on the gambling issue. It’s a disgrace that Govs happily take their share of gambling revenue while pretending to care for problem gamblers. Huh??!! A bit like the health system relying on smoking and alcohol taxes while pretending to want to get people off the habit. Tripple Huh??!!

    • Simon. Once upon a time I believed Governments were there to protect people. Time after time I have learned that they don’t. GOD BLESS, BILL

  158. Another lovely set of stories thank you Bill. Gambling gently treated. Homelessness made beautiful. Anzac Day to treasure… this site. Rose.

    • Rose. Thank you and God Bless you. Tell others to visit it. BILL

  159. Nice work on the Carol story bro. And Anzac Day. We’ll be marching again through Redfern this year. Come and join us all. Its a great day!!!

    • Robert. Thank you. I might just take you up on your offer. Where do you meet and at what time? God Bless, Bill

      • I’ll now be in Taree for family bro but the meet is 1.45 at the Block for 2 pm march to Redfern Park. Enjoy!

        • Robert. Sorry mate. I missed it due to stuff at Exodus. We did it here, though. God Bless, BILL

  160. The Anzac story is really beautiful. And terrific timing. No more will our heroes be marching down grand old George Street. Elizabeth Street now. Seems a shame. Change for the mere sake of change.

    • Pauline. Sad!!!

  161. As I sit here waiting for the sun to rise and reflect on another powerful lot of stories I would also like to compliment your team on the carefully chose quotes which accompany each story and the links to assistance. It shows you really care. The archives too provide much fine fodder for those of us who battle the long dark nights. Cheers.

    • Ralph. Thanks heaps mate. God Bless BILL

  162. Another nice bunch of stories Bill. Good to see the good things people are doing. That young self esteem girl. The laundry for the homeless. And how about the Exodus band. Terrific stuff.

    • Michael. Thank you. God Bless, BILL

  163. ‘The best way to feel better is to get up and do something’…I love that quote on the Battlers story page. In fact I like the idea of those quotes. Icing on the cake.

    • David. Yep, “Get up and do something” God Bless, BILL

  164. What a lovely slant on the edge those two wonderful young Australians Ruth and Nic are. Inspirational. Our country is in safe hands.

    • Sue. God Bless you. BILL

  165. What a great yarn from that Scottish ex copper bloke. Terrific how all these people are willing to tell of their weakest moments on this series so that they might help others. Well done all.

    • William, Thank you. The best way is to be honest. God Bless, BILL

  166. ‘We are all each other’. A fab way of looking at life father Bill. looking forward muchly to seeing the full story. All the others in this lot really good……again πŸ™‚

    • Rebecca. Thank you. I hope you enjoy it. God Bless, BILL

  167. Here we go with another election of the unelectable! Why don’t both sides simply look at the issues covered on this wonderful website to see the REAL issues and people of Australia!!

    • Stuart. I try and try. All I can do is keep putting them up. maybe one day a politician will be interested. God Bless, BILL

  168. I like a lot of what that Judo bloke says about redirecting aggression. It’s different for men to women. Men need something physical and that seems to do the job. BTW when are getting some more stories from the bush. Not that the pollies would know but we do exist.

    • Mike. Keep watching. We’ve got quite a few coming up. God Bless, BILL

  169. What a coincidence Mr Crews!!! I was just listening to Radio National with you talking about the homeless, while watching your latest lot of stories, including the battlers band and the homeless laundry. (Yes I can do two things at the same time)You certainly do put your energies where your mouth others. If only others did too.

    • Beryl. WOW. Actually that program generated a lot of interest.They have done a follow up on homeless people voting and being part of the national census

  170. Homeless issues unc. That fella in next story living on trains. Now that’s going to be worth watching. They do that all the time up here. On there land! I liked the exodus band good idea.

  171. β€œBe like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it.” I love the quotes that go with the stories. This one from the Kung Fu fellow should apply to all our lives every day.

  172. That Kaine fellow should speak to the Libs and Labour about how to solve unemployment. Don’t deduct what they earn from the dole for six months so they can get back on their feet. Otherwise why bother getting a job! Once again. The streets have the answer.

  173. ‘We are all each other’. A lovely philosophy Bill and a lovely story. I remember those characters from the early days. They had an affect on me too. As do most of your stories and the issues they tackle. Thanks again.

  174. And the great stories keep rolling in. Looking forward to the producers story at last. Been wondering how you could turn out such quality volume for so long. The Exodus volunteers story looks good to. They deserve a medal.

  175. It’s a wonder you haven’t cracked before this Warwick! The anguish in your thoughts comes through in the sensitivity with which you approach your stories.
    People share with you because they know you care.

    The frustration in realising the difference between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ hasn’t changed a lot – despite the positive publicity all Government bodies like to feed us.

    Housing and Health! If only!!!

    • Wanda. Thank you for your comments. I think Warwick is wonderful and really special. I can’t tell you how much his friendship means to me. God Bless, BILL

  176. You just don’t take your foot off the pedal do you Bill. In amongst the gentle stories you through in a real toughy…….like that homeless young man living on trains sometimes. Do our pollies realise how hard it really is out there for a lot of Aussies???!! Keep up the great work mate. Awareness. Awareness. Awareness.

    • Jake. Thank you. No mate. I’m sure our politicians have no idea. They say they do but they don’t. God Bless, Bill

  177. That first story of yours Bill with the four characters is quite wonderful. The hermit in the heart of the city…..the heroin lass………heart rending. Really impactful. And the images in global home….beautiful. Thank you.

    • Andrea. Thank you, GOD BLESS, BILL

  178. Right on tune ever year all the media outlets wail about the homeless in winter as if its a whole new issue. Why don’t they just look at this site. How long have you been going? A couple of years? Marvelous eye opening stuff. look at the story on Kane. He’s even got a solution! Let them keep job income AND unemployment benefits until they get back on top. Then of course theres Exodus doing their stuff year in year out for the homeless.

    • Jack. Yes, everyone agrees with you. Every year the same stories get trotted out. GOD BLESS, BILL

  179. Yes indeed ‘we are all each other’ Bill. A beautiful sentiment especaily as we absorb the tragedy of Orlando.

    • Rachael. Orlando. What a tragedy! BILL

  180. Perfect timing for ‘Global Home’ and the planet. Beautiful words. Beautiful pictures…….and very much looking forward to the Volunteers story 9n your next lot. Keep up the great work.

    • Simon. Thank you. God Bless, BILL

  181. As this election draaags on do you think there’s any chance of any of the contenders ever referring to this wonderful website which covers all the real issues of the real Australia πŸ™‚

    • Ruth, I’ve brought up that we need a Homeless Commissioner. GOD BLESS, BILL

  182. Good to see the return of the hermit from Potts Point…..and Bill’s personal philosophy. Looking forward to hearing Mr Moss’ thoughts next month. Looks like he’s really been through the mill producing those marvelous stories.

    • Britt. Keep watching. God Bless, BILL

  183. What we are looking for is in the eyes and minds of others……A beautiful sentiment Rev Bill.

    • Trisha. Thank you for understanding. GOD BLESS, BILL

  184. What a kufuffle in Europe with the Brexit result. Maybe good. Maybe not. Whichever way, I hope they’re truly aware that our beautiful planet is struggling. IE Global Home is a cutting story. Great pictures. Great lyrics……Bob.

    • Bob. Thank you for your understanding and enthusiasm. GOD BLESS, BILL

  185. ‘We Are All Each Other’…..what a superbly timeless belief that is Bill. No wonder you’re a true national treasure. And very much looking forward to Warrick’s thoughts in next month’s lot. Happy Election day!!!! (Not):)

    • Pauline. Thank you heaps. GOD BLESS< BILL

  186. So we’ve got a ‘hung parliament’! (Wish) Who ever of the majors wins of loses if they’d look at this site they might get an idea of the REAL Australia that didn’t vote for them. Another great episode!!!

    • Billy J. Thanks mate. I think we’re all losers at the moment. God Bless, BILL

  187. The election! Who cares! More important its NADOC week. A celebration of the true owners of this country! Great to see you covering Indigenous issues unc. We love it!!!

    • Batters.
      Thank you mate. We have many indigenous matters coming up. God Bless, BILL

  188. A lovely lot of stories again thank you Bill. Really nice to see the volunteers doing their work and that powerful search for God from an aboriginal perspective. Very interesting.

  189. Wow! What a great family the Cannoween mob is. Now that’s the real Australia. Caring for others and having fun at the same time. The producer’s story was riveting. Keep up the great work all of you.

  190. I haven’t been here for a while but it’s great to see this excellent series continuing. The archive section is pure gold and a valuable collection of the real Australia today for the nation.

    • Alex. Thank you. We will keep trying hard. God Bless, BILL

  191. ‘What is God?’ Indeed with yet more atrocities in France one may ask where is God…..Your series and stories remain as current as ever. Love it!!!

    • Stella,
      If you look for God ‘out there’ you won’t find Him. God is found present in our relationships. God Bless, BILL

  192. The producers story is very powerful. I remember Mr Moss from his acting and playwriting days long ago. He was always destined to leave a message. A wonderful and important website. Thanks all.

    • Ralph, Thank you. I love Warwick like my brother. We think alike. God Bless, BILL

  193. Inspirational stuff that volunteers story. Another great bunch of stories and issues thank you.

    • Michael. God Bless you. BILL

  194. Oh Reverend Bill! That war with the church! Such an important document. The pain you go through! The Struggle! Yes why don’t our religious leaders just focus on the people and forget the politics! How many centuries have to go by before they learn!…..Bless you for airing your journey.

    • Sue. These stories are timeless because they are about our human condition. And that never changes. God Bless, BILL

  195. This website never ceases to amaize me. What an outstanding insight into the political workings of religion. What a brave story from Ray Morris about alcohol. This website deserves an award for the good it must be doing. Well done.

    • Stuart. Thanks very much. If I knew where to submit our website for an award, I would. But I bet we don’t win! God Bless, BILL

  196. Really nice heart story from uncle Ray on the old La Perouse mission. and from you to on the big churches. yes when will the real church show its real heart.

    • Jade. God Bless you. BILL

  197. Keep fighting Bill! That battle royal with the ‘heavies’ of the Church must have been a goodun!

    So glad the majority saw your role as YOU see it – wherever, whoever, whatever is needed, you’ll be there. Flexibility in filling that gap.

    Ray Morris! Another fighter winning his battle with alcohol – and giving back in the best way possible.

    • Trisha. God Bless you. I like your comments, BILL

  198. Surely someone out there realises the value for the future of this amazing collection of stories of Australia as it is today. The forgotten Australia! The REAL Australia. Loved the chess metaphor for church politics. Loved the first indigenous mission. Keep it coming!

    • Jack. Thank you. God Bless, BILL

  199. Another wonderful set of thought provoking stories thank you. I’ve meant to thank you also for your archive section which allows me to catch up on stories I may have missed in my travels. PS my friends in NZ also love this site since I put them on to it. Regards.

    • Andrea. Thank you. Please welcome all you Kiwi friends from me. God Bless, BILL

  200. I just heard on radio that the Vic Gov have thrown out homeless squatters who are living in empty houses bought and now not needed for the abandoned South Link project. As your producer Mr Moss said last month why aren’t the homeless given empty warehouses to live in. And as Bill Crews himself says where is the church when the needy need them!

    • Jake. Homeless people are at the bottom of the pile today. It’s so sad. God Bless, BILL

  201. That Ray Morris story is a beauty. I think I may have worked for Ray way back when he had his trucking business. Yes the 70s were wild days. Great to see he survived to tell his wonderful tale. It will help many. Thanks mate.

    • Steve. Good on you. God Bless, BILL

  202. Thank you thank you thank you. I’ve just had a week off with the flue and besides this months stories have been able to trawl through your wonderful archives. An amazing collection of important matters!!!

    • Beryl. You have a heart of gold. God Bless, BILL

  203. That War with the Church is outstanding Reverend. Outstanding!! If only those in religious power carried your passion for humanity.

  204. Well I look forward every month to the new stories on your website Rev Bill and I’m never ever disappointed. This lot is up there with the best. For how long now? Amazing. What about that girl in Kings Cross. And its nice to see our aboriginal sector having a strong say. Blessings.

    • Rose. Thank you. We try so hard and comments like yours keep us going. God Bless, BILL

  205. I had a shop in Kings Cross….when it had life…..before the death of the Cross and all its history with the lock out laws. What a grandma state we’ve become. Anyway I remember Liz well when she used to sit on the streets with her baby boy. Quite a sight. A nice story. Good onya.

    • Paolo. You should see her now. God Bless you BILL

  206. I am truly loving these stories! I think they would fit neatly into teensy little time slots on the telly just before the news each night….just one story….a little nudge for our country. Thank you Bill and thank you Mr Moss.

    • Dinah. We’re trying to do that. God Bless, BILL

  207. I so adore the Liz story. What an incredibly gracious woman! And what a happy ending!! I cried. Beautiful.

    • Rachael. Thank you. Liz is a very special person. God Bless, BILL

    • I agree Rachael. The happy ending was a lovely surprise. Goes to show we should never lose hope.

  208. Hear here to all of you bloggers. A great read. And to Ray Miniecon. That journey to his old mission is a beauty. And ya know what? Nothing’s changed with indigenous issues.

    • Michael. That’s what annoys me sooo0 much. We seem to be going backwards. God Bless BILL

  209. Ha ha! You never stop surprising. Now your into Lifestyle on the Edge. Love it! Beetroot and celery really does clear up the liver. Ask my hubby. Fixed him.

    • Ruth. Beetroot and Celery. I’m so glad it worked for him. God Bless, BILL

  210. I so feel for that wonderful lass in Kings Cross. What an adventure. What courage. What a lovely outcome. I had to pull out the hanky. Blessings to all.

    • Trisha. I love Liz. She has come such a long way. That’s what I mean, People like Liz are so brave. God Bless, BILL

  211. Good to uncle Mick Gooda having a say at Babana. Always was a fella who going places. Uncle Ray to. nice stories. thanks.

    • Billy. God Bless you. We should be farther along than we are. BILL

  212. With the Recovery walks coming up that Liz Gal story is a must for all who participate, recover, care and repair. Well done Liz. Well done all. God bless Bill.

    • Bob. I walked with Liz on the first walk. She said to me “you know Bill, Recovery is the loneliest place to be”. Well, so far she’s made it and she is soooo brave. God Bless,. BILL

  213. Indeed what a gal! Indeed what a Recovery story! See you all at the Recovery walk this Sunday. 11.30 Customs House

    • Pauline. It was a great walk today, eh. God Bless, BILL

  214. That Liz Gal story is incredible. I think I remember Liz when she used to sit there on Macleay with her son. What a beautiful turnaround.

    • Britt. Yes, its quite a story. I love Liz heaps. She is an inspiration to me. God Bless. Bill

  215. Good on aunty Mary. Great story. You are a hero gal. Your story helps many of us.

    • Beccy. Yes Mary is quite a gal! I’ve known her for nearly 40 years. God Bless, Bill

  216. Indeed what is there that’s better!! Marvelous philosophy from Dr Wennitong. A great mix of issues…..again. Confronting and inspiring. Good work.

    • Bill Jay Thank you and God Bless you. BILL

  217. Ha! So now you’re doing Lifestyle on the Edge! Beetroot and celery for the liver? Absolutely works! On a more serious note, another great collection of stories. The indigenous lady is truly heroic and inspirational.

    • Simon. Thank you. Yes, the edge covers many topics. God Bless’ BILL

  218. A beautiful story on May Hooker. She is a proud woman who I have met several times. She does wonderful work with regards diabetes and blindness in regional Australia. She is an inspiration not just for her indigenous folk buy for all of us. Wise words from Dr Wenitong too. What a team!

    • Andrea. God Bless you. I really admire you for being such a loyal follower of this program. BILL

  219. Yes indeedy there’s has got to be more. Dr Mark’s comments are so valid. We need a more ‘community’ sense of family. These issues and more really should be on TV for good wholesome debate. Well done.

    • Stella. I really agree with you. God Bless, BILL

  220. I have been concerned about the displacement of refugees in Calais in France. I feel compelled to help them and am asking people I know in provincial France to do something in their towns to help with placement of these people.

    How can my friends and I help you, help them, from Australia?

    Lesley Torpey.

    • Lesley, Thank you and God Bless you. I’ll ge4t back to you soon. BILL

    • Spot on Lesley but its all about the 24 hour news cycle. Now it’s local refugees in Naura. Next week? Who knows. Out of site out of mind unfortunately and so it goes on in this impatient new world.

    • Lesley. Please contact me. I have just come back from Calais again. (02)87524616 God Bless, BILL

  221. The tragically outstanding comment in the Mary story is that when the poor darlings were on missions the provisions they were provided such as sugar and salt was the poison that causes diabetes. A powerful story.

    • Richard, Thank you. Yes you are right. All the crap they were given has ruined their lives. God Bless BILL

    • Richard. Yep. That’s why they are so sick now. God Bless, BILL

  222. What a beautiful moment when you watch Mary talking about Kings Cross in the 1970s Bill. So touching. You felt that you failed all those children. But you didn’t. You were there for them then and you’re there for them now. God Bless you and your caring kind.

    • Cerena, Thank you. I do feel I failed them. So few cared about what was going on then. God Bless, BILL

    • Cerena. Thank you and God Bless, BILL

  223. Todays news. Over 700,000 Aussie children living in poverty. What a disgrace. But perhaps….just perhaps our life style goal posts are set too high. IE as Dr Winneting says in his story……half of too many luxuries is not exactly poverty.

    • Michael. Thank you. God Bless, BILL

  224. I’ve been away for a bit but there’s something really down to earth in coming back to these stories. A nice balance between the light and the meaningful. Beetroot and celery to stolen children and girls homes? What a contrast what a journey!

    • Batters. Thank you. We really try hard. God Bless,. Bill

  225. Good meaty stories. I knew Kim Hewitt when we were both in emergency accom years ago. We were both down and out back then. We’ve both made it good. The back up services for those in trouble do work. This website does too.

    • Jake. God Bless. We run a Recovery Movement for people and it is a real struggle. God Bless, BILL

  226. What a wonderful artist and history. The messages behind Gordon Siron’s work are very powerful and still stand up today. Thanks for reminding of the Exodus can drive too. We’ll be there!!!

  227. As I listen to the ABC and debates of the American elections this coming week I ponder the similarity to the gap in our own politics. My point you ask? If both sides of all politics of all countries paid attention to the real issues such as this wonderful website the endless debates would be about something of meaning. Another great set of stories this month thank you.

    • Andrea. It’s such a hard job. We try and sometimes they listen. God Bless, BILL

  228. Well I just love it! Every month a while new roller coaster ride into an Australia I hardly new existed. And that artists social comment. Marvelous!

    • Beryl. I love it too. God Bless, BILL

  229. Quite inspiring that fellow who fell from the building and now teaches water exercise classes. He is right. It all begins with just participating. Another thought provoking set of stories thank you. Merry Christmas to you all. Trisha.

    • Trisha. thank you and God Bless, BILL

  230. So Trump is now trumps. Hopefully it all works out but you can’t help but wonder whether they will care for their needy anywhere like this great country does….and your wonderful Exodus Foundation. Great stories again. Well done.

    • Stuart. i wonder too. God Bless, BILL

  231. Good timing your end but how times dont change eh? Trump is in and Gordon Syron takes us back to uncle Charlies 1965 Freedom Bus Ride. Segregated cinemas, pools, librarys. Fingers crossed the world doesn’t go back to then. A really nice story. Ta

    • Bob. Lets hope not. God Bless BILL

  232. I so love the artists reversing of history. Black judge white criminal. Black first fleet white natives etc. So clever. My how we’ve moved on. Already looking forward to next months stories.

    • Futh. God Bless you. BILL

  233. The exodus can drive is a marvellous idea and I certainly shall encourage my large spread out family to contribute. How is it though, that in these times of long national prosperity we still have so many people in need. Maybe we’re numb to it. My parents suffered the Great Depression of the 20’s and 30’s and often talked of the care for others that was born from hard times. Merry Christmas to you all.

  234. Did I mess that up? Trying again. After a stint in hostipal it’s so good to come back home to this website. I could watch you and J Singleton a thousand times and your Christmas message is just beautiful. Blessings.

    • Rose. Thank you and God Bless. I hope you are well now. BILL

  235. Good timing bro!!! Just as NSW Gov at last announces compo for stolen gen you do a story on uncle Cec. Right on the mark. Ill spreads the word.

    • Steven, Thank you and God Bless, BILL

  236. Wow that’s a powerful story on the Glen Centre. Save me they did. Glenn Colliss was there then too. He never spoke of his backround. What man! What a recovery. Love the site. does a lot of good

    • Michael. We run a recovery Group for people who have been in Rehab. We try very hard. God Bless, BILL

  237. ‘Make a Glass eye Cry’ is great drama. Amaizing how close you get to these people. And the Kinsella boys home. Really important issues gently treated. Exellent!!

    • William, God Bless you. We try very hard to tell it s it is. BILL

  238. Indeed let’s be happy this Christmas!! What is wrong with this country? All we hear is calamitous news like GDP down. Construction down. Spending down. Hope down. Can’t we remember the great depression? The two world wars? Get a grip!!!! This still is the lucky country. So yes be happy this Christmas. Bless you Rev.

    • Rachael. I love you sweetheart. God Bless you and thank you. BILL

  239. A nice balance of warm and fuzzy and harsh reality for Xmas. Thank you. Next month looks good too. Have a good one.

    • Andrea. God Bless you. BILL

  240. What a classic stinker of a sleepless night!!! Good chance to catch up on your stories though. Great Xmas viewing. That bloke 9in the rehab is a true blue Aussie hero. Keep up the great work. seasons cheers.

    • Jack. God Bless and thanks, BILL

  241. What a hoot Singo is. You make a good pair of hombres padre. and a beaut xmas message to. Doing lots of good for lots of people. Nice.

    • Jade. I just love him. God Bless, BILL

  242. That Glen rehab does a great job and your great story gives it due credit. It does indeed change lives. I know. It saved me. Merrys all.

    • Alex. Thank you and God Bless. We run a Recovery Program for people who have been in Rehab so know what you mean BILL

  243. Another great Xmas lunch thanks Bill. Dunno what we do without you. Keep the web sight going. really good. Jacqy.

    • Jacquy, Thank you and God Bless, BILL

  244. Luv the story from Alice. Realy important. We need more of Steve Bevis and his thoughts. Have not been here for a while but am enjoying the revisit. ta.

    • Beccy, I agree with you totally. God Bless, BILL

  245. Congratulations on your two years of stories. They really have provided inspiration for many of us. Your visit to the Centre is indeed interesting Bill. Keep it up.

    • Britt, Thank you and God Bless, BILL

  246. I know both Steve Bevis and Alice Springs very well. Your sensitive treatment of a sensitive subject is to be congratulated. Pass this story and indeed this website on to all Government department heads to view. Excellent.

    • Richard. I will and I am God Bless, BILL

  247. Your trip to the Red Centre was certainly worth it Bill. I love the Edge parallels you draw. Two years of these stories has done you proud. May you stir and inspire us for much longer with the issues you raise.

    • Stella. I agree that trip to the Alice was sooo important. God Bless, BILL

  248. I think if more of us could find Jesus and follow his teaching and example then there would be less judgement of our fellow man and more compassion and love. Your videos are fantastic, and really let people know what is happening to people who don’t have much in the material sense, I am praying that more of us will come to love our neighbors in need and want to share what we have with them. You are such a wonderful example for us all! love, best wishes and regards, Chris.

    • Chris, God Bless and thank you for those ;lovely words. BILL

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